Guest Service


The story go's, you only get one chance to make a first impression. You need to realize that every guest who sits in your restaurant evaluates service at your restaurant based on the level of guest service provided by each and every individual employee they encounter. Whether it's the person who answers the phone and can't give directions, you can't understant or it's the host who won't make eye contact with them and greets them simply by saying, "Two?", all of these will leave an impression on a guest.


If your staff does a good job, you'll be lucky if the guest tells 2 people. BUT, if your staff does a bad job, studies have shown that an unhappy guest may tell as many as 10 to 12 friends about their dining experience, and they'll tell ten people, AND THEY'LL TELL TEN PEOPLE, and so on, and so on, and so on. Pretty soon, there won't be many guests walking through those doors! In today's competitive market, Guest Service Training is no longer optional. It's a requirement.


So what can you do about it? Call, fax or email JOSHUA SYSTEMS today. We have created dozens of Guest Service programs for servers and we're ready to customize a program to your specific needs. So call to schedule a Guest Service Seminar at your restaurant....and turn the odds back in your favor.


By the way, why "Guest?".. Your restaurant is your "House", you invite guest's not customers, to your house.

What your guest means to you

The A B C's of Server Training

Our Server Training Program is specifically designed to create sales opportunities with the net result of an increased check average. Increasing the check average promotes the opportunity for increased tips. The primary reason to create a Server Training Program is to establish and/or reinforce basic service skills and then build on these skills with active sales training. Because each member of a restaurant staff enters the session with varying degrees of service experience, we need to review the basics before we can teach the staff how to stop playing "order taker" and make the transition to "salesperson". Our goal is to maximize sales by building the "guest" mentality each and every time a person visits the restaurant.

A - We will conduct a pre-training Dining Room Spotter's Report. We will send a pair of professional "guest" to dine in your restaurant. The "guest" will evaluate the restaurant service with regards to your current level of service and salesmanship. The  report that is generated will detail the customer's dining experience and will provide us with a starting point for our training program.

B - Depending on the existing materials which currently constitute your server training package, we will either supplement or create a new server training manual based on "steps of service". We will work together with you and your management staff to develop and customize a sales training manual based on these steps of service so that the staff will have all of the background information necessary to become effective, knowledgeable salespeople.

C - During the server training sessions (usually 2-3 hours), the staff will participate in a series of interactive role-playing exercises. Staff performances will be evaluated by a jury of their peers. This program tends to build staff confidence and morale.

So, if you're interested in MAXIMIZING your sales with each and every customer, let's schedule a session or two!

Here's how the numbers add up:

  • 1 Extra Appetizer/starter OR
  • 1 Extra Cocktail or Glass of Wine OR
  • 1 Extra Dessert

Per server Per shift for a year


X $5.50



in additional sales

Now calculate what happens when the servers sell all 3

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